Phantom Lite Full Spectrum (FSX) Lite Illuminator

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If you want to use your full spectrum camera/camcorder to the fullest you need to light up the whole spectrum of light. That is what the Phantom Full Spectrum illuminator does. If you use just an Infrared Illuminator with your Full Spectrum camcorder you are only recording the Infrared spectrum. You'll need to have one of these to illuminate the wide range of the light spectrum.

Keep in mind that this unit does emit visible and non-visible light - similar to a flashlight. If you like to investigate in complete darkness, you want to purchase an infrared light.

• Powered by a single 9v battery (not included)
• 1/4 Screw provided for mounting to mounting directly to camera or extension arm
• 30 LEDS - 10 Infrared LEDS, 5 Red LEDS, 5 Blue LEDS, 5 Green LEDS, 5 Ultraviolet LEDS
• 35 Foot distance
• Water resistant housing
• Hand built in the USA
• Compact 2" X 3" X 1" size

Add a Diffuser panel to get a softer even spread of light for filming.

*Please keep in mind that your camera/camcorder must have a Infrared shooting mode to have this light work. It will not make a standard camcorder into a night vision camcorder.