Rechargeable 36 LED Infrared (IR) light

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All-new Cleveland Paranormal (IR) Infrared Illuminator. It is low-cost and very powerful. Features 36 high powered LEDs. Runs for approximately 45 - 60 minutes on a full charge.

• Unlimited power: AC or lithium-ion battery (included). If either power source fails, the other takes over.
• Patented interlocking design is limited only by your creativity.
• 36 850nm super bright infrared LEDs
• Extension arm bracket (included) with light and tripod mounts included
• Slim, lightweight
• Effective distance: approximately 10-75 ft (3-23m)
• Charge status LEDs: red - charging, green - done
• Size: 2.35'" X 2.35" X 1"
• Safe to the touch--does not get hot

*Please keep in mind that your camera/camcorder must have a Infrared shooting mode to have this light work. It will not make a standard camcorder into a night vision camcorder.