Phantom Lite Infrared (IR) Flood PRO Illuminator

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OUT NOW!!! New release of 30% brighter than original Floods! Nothing is brighter, built better and has a lifetime guarantee! 50 LED Phantom Lite Infrared flood Illuminator that features, 80ft distance, 9v battery powered that last up to 6 hours on one battery! 50 Wide angle LEDs. Every one is hand built and tested ensuring that you receive nothing but the brightest and longest lasting illuminators to date PERIOD! This light is the most power model we sell.

This Infrared light will work perfectly with our camcorders.

• Powered by a 9v battery (not included) for up to 6 hours of use. • Tripod connector provided for mounting to mounting directly to extension arm • Hand built in the USA. • Impressive ABS plastic case • Water resistant housing • 80ft Range

*Please keep in mind that your camera/camcorder must have a Infrared shooting mode to have this light work. It will not make a standard camcorder into a night vision camcorder.